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We use these products everyday at Coppers Salon, so you can see the difference in the results. Now we make them available to purchase for the home. Achieve a longer-lasting, beautiful look with improved hair-health from our professional grade haircare lines that Coppers Salon stands behind 100%. Ask any of our knowledgable staff members about the right haircare products for your style and type of hair. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions.
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In a category that’s crowded with brand promises, the Eufora voice stands out as honest, real and personal. It takes its cues from the vision of the company founders, Don and Beth Bewley, who, in 1997, started a hair care company built on a foundation of passion, integrity and caring.

As keepers of the planet for future generations, Eufora is dedicated to embracing sustainable practices in every phase of our business. We take a proactive approach to minimizing the environmental impact that our daily activities have on our world, and we believe in creating integral products that respect the environment and the people who use them.

Today, all Eufora products meet the most rigorous standards in formulation, utilizing Certified Organic Aloe along with nearly 75 different natural plant extracts and essential oils, all of which are classified as renewable resources and considered biodegradable.

Eufora never uses mineral oil or artificially created colorants. Our fragrances are complex and naturally derived.

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Redken is the leader in backstage beauty at more than 40 fashion shows each season between New York, Milan, London and Paris. Using this unique position, Redken will be the catalyst for inspiration, fueling creativity for stylists as well as consumers.

Redken uses extensive research and innovation in order to bring the latest must-have products to the market. Furthermore, Redken's unparalleled commitment to R & I enables the brand to be at the forefront of every trend.

Ask any of our knowledgable staff about any Redken products, we'd be glad to answer any of your questions.

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Pureology, created especially for professional colorists and their clients, is a salon haircare brand unlike any other. Our highly concentrated ZeroSulfate® shampoos and the exclusive AntiFadeComplex® help color-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with every use, while our 100% Vegan, Dual Benefit Formulas provide custom care for every hair type. What makes Pureology different from all other brands? We provide color-treated hair with a complete regimen of care, from customized haircare systems to stylers specifically formulated for colour-treated hair.

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